Adherence to Photographic Standards:A Review of ASPS and ASAPS Member Surgeons' Websites

Background: To evaluate the adherence of images on plastic surgeons' websites with the photographic standards established in 2006 by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the Plastic Surgery Foundation (PSF). Methods and findings: The membership rosters of the ASPS and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) were combined, and a random selection of 10% of these members was chosen for evaluation. Surgeons from the United States and Canada were included. Surgeons who were international members, who did not have websites or who had websites but did not have the images of interest were excluded. A total of 122 members of the 10% sample met the criteria. Breast augmentation, abdominoplasty and rhinoplasty images were reviewed and evaluated for focus, framing, positioning, presence of uniform background, absence of shadow, absence of clothing, absence of jewelry, use of photo garments, and exposure. Results: None of the websites evaluated universally adhered to the photographic standards, and the average was 66.3%. The average adherence was 76.2-77.0%, 64.6-63.8% and 57.6-58.2% for breast, face and abdominal images pre and postoperative respectively. Breast postoperative compliance was significantly improved for correct positioning, focus, and no cast shadow. Facial compliance was significantly improved for good background postoperatively whereas makeup compliance was higher preoperatively, and abdominal compliance was significantly improved for postoperative correct position although preoperative photo garments compliance was higher. Conclusion: Sixty-six percent of images on ASPS and ASAPS plastic surgeons' websites were adherent to the photographic standards, and pre and post adherence were similar.


Sanniec KJ, Velazco CS, Macias LH, Zuhlke TA, Casey III WJ, Leighton WD, Mahabir RC and Rebecca AM

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