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Cosmetic Penile Augmentation Surgical Techniques with BellaDerm Graft

Introduction: Penile cosmetic augmentation surgery (cosmetic phalloplasty) is available in the cosmetic surgery field for about a quarter of century to enlarge penis length, girth, and glans of a man’s penis. This article describes penile cosmetic surgery augmentation (phalloplasty surgical techniques) using BellaDerm graft.

Materials and methods: A total of 315 phalloplasty surgeries using BellaDerm graft were analyzed for this article. These surgeries were performed by the author during 15-year in multiple surgery centers in California, USA. BellaDerm is a graft that is a type of scaffolding or framework (matrix) that exists in human skin. This framework creates a place where cells and blood vessels can create new tissue. BellaDerm graft serves as a framework to support cellular repopulation and vascularization of the patient's own tissue. It's also performed penile augmentation based on the initial graft thickens. In cosmetic penile augmentation surgery, BellaDerm graft is used to enhance the girth and/or glans of the penis during cosmetic penile augmentation surgical procedures.

Results: 63% percent of the patients, who underwent penile cosmetic augmentation surgery with BellaDerm graft, participated in postoperative survey. 89% of these patients reported great satisfaction with cosmetic penile augmentation surgery with BellaDerm graft.

Complications: Infection, that required medical and surgical treatment, developed in 17 (5.4%) of these patients. All patients were cured from infection after graft removal and 2 weeks of continuous treatment with general and local antibiotics administered through the drain. All 17 patients were successfully signed off from the treatment with subsequent instructions regarding continuity of care. 9 patients were on anabolic steroids (anabolic steroids compromised post-surgical wound healing); 6 patients violated post-surgical protocol having been engaged in early sexual activity that lead to the skin separation on sub-coronal incision and let the wound open. 8 patients smoked heavily (chain smokers) and they did not disclose this matter before surgery. 24 patients (7.6%) reported post-surgical retraction that was successfully treated medically and surgically.

Discussion: In 2002, the American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons established national and international standards for male cosmetic augmentation surgery, including the identification of indications, operative strategies, surgical techniques, and the assessment of results. These standards have been in effect for 15 years. When qualified surgeons, who completed education and training provided by the American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons have followed AAPS guidelines, these surgeries have become successful. Yet, despite successful physical results, the subjective evaluation of aesthetic results and the ethical implications of male cosmetic augmentation surgery continue to be debated.

Conclusion: This article represents retrospective evaluation of patients who have undergone cosmetic penile augmentation surgery with BellaDerm graft. The study reported high satisfaction rate with this surgical technique for penile augmentation (Penile Dual and Triple Augmentation TM) developed, patented, and used by the author of this article.


Alexander A. Krakovsky*

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