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Autologous Fat Grafting to the Plantar and Dorsal Aspect of the Foot for two Varying Indications - A Case Presentation

Autologous fat transfer utilizing microfat and nanofat are widely acceptable procedures performed on people of all races and backgrounds for various indications and in various areas of the body. Fat transfer to the foot has been sought out to offer pain free walking with fat pad restoration on the plantar aspect of the foot but there are limited findings on fat transfer to the dorsum of the foot. While fat transfer to the plantar foot offers a medical rationale, adipose injected into the dorsum of the foot is solely cosmetic. This is a case presentation of a patient seeking an improvement of her foot function and aesthetics. Fat pad atrophy on the plantar aspect of the foot is treated with autologous fat transfer to provide cushioned comfort while walking. A fat transfer to the dorsal aspect of the foot solely provides improved aesthetic appearance.


Jodi Schoenhaus*

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