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Body Contouring - Intramuscular Gluteal Augmentation Following Massive Weight Loss: A Pilot Study

Background: Buttock-contouring surgery is becoming increasingly popular in plastic surgery practice. Nowadays, there are two main options to achieve gluteal augmentation: gluteal implants and fat grafting.

Aim and objectives: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the technique of gluteoplasty using a silicon implant and its mentioned complications in the literature in an attempt to eliminate the taboo surrounding this procedure as a step to implement it on a larger scale.

Materials and methods: A pilot study was performed to analyze the outcomes of gluteal augmentation in massive weight loss patient.

Results: The study showed that the gluteal augmentation could be done for those patients either alone or with other modality of treatment (fat grafting) with an acceptable rate of complications.


Rami Makkar, Mohammed Ashraf,  Ahmed El-Naggar*

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